Sound on dialogues Problems

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Greetings unrealians:

I got a problem dealing with the sound , I’m playing my dialogs on the event tick and then i call a function that plays them depending on how many items you collected. The problem is I’m just loosing memory because I suspct event tick is
not the best function to play and call sounds . Could be it’s playing them again and again and would be better just to call once .

Well i will share the blueprint , hope you guys can help me .

Desktop 11.09.2016 - 11.09.2016 -

Hi Eratos!
Can I know when you want to play the dialogues?
Event Tick is called on every frame…avoid it.

Anyway, if you want Dialogue X when you have X collected items, you can use some Custom Events.


If “Fish” < 5 call “Event 1”
If “Fish” >=5 and < 10 call “Event 2”

Event 1 ----> Play Dialogue 1
Event 2 ----> Play Dialogue 2