Sound not working properly ubuntu 15.10

trying to make character have some footsteps but no sound imported wav16 bit file to run animation but nothing it did work a couple of times at first but when I click on pause or save that’s when it happens possible bug?

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How are you setting up your sound? Is this being done in code or did you add the sound file to your project and are setting up the playback inside of a blueprint? If possible can you post the code / blueprint where you are using the sound file?


hey thanks for replying back i am not using code i added the file to the project i put the file in the content folder then add notify and playsound.

Does this affect all sounds you use or is it only the footsteps sound that doesn’t play? After updating my local machine to 15.10 I was able to import a sound .wav file into my project and test using the “Play sound at location” which played the sound as expected. Could you elaborate on how your sound is setup in your project, preferably with a screenshot of how the sound is set to be played in your blueprint?

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sorry for the delay I went ahead and switched over to the windows version of unreal 4 and experienced no problems so it probably is a bug.

I’ve checked that my machine is using Ubuntu 15.10 and created a new 4.9 project and imported a sound wav file to my project. Using Play Sound at Location I did hear the sound played as expected. Can you explain the setup for your project that does not have sound playing?

I would import wav file to content browser then go to run animation then add notify then play sound.

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It seems the sound issue only affects animation sounds. Other sounds set to play can still be hard correctly. This has been bugged (UE-23139) for further investigation.