Sound Not Resetting - Matinee

I currently have a matinee sequence where a set of lights have to be in time with the music. However, I have an issue. I was going to use the sound cue in matinee as reference, so when I click play, it starts the track from whatever point the timeline position is at.

The issue is, it does not start the track from the correct timeline position, it continues to play the track from where it left off from the last time I paused it. It’s quite frustrating really. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Let’s say my timeline track is at 0:00 and I hit play, it should start the song at 0:00 (the first time it does). Then I continue it for lets say 15 seconds then hit stop. Move my timeline track back to 0:00, then hit play on matinee again, it would continue the song from where it stopped before at 15 seconds.

I hope I explained this correctly.

Have you tried using Stop node, or overriding the replay time with Set Position node in Level Blueprint?

Stop node, in what and where? It’s nothing to do with in-game, so surely blueprint has nothing to do with it?

The issue is within matinee itself. Matinee doesn’t want to reset the sound back to 0:00 when I click stop.

I noticed when I click start and then stop in the sound cue editor, it resets the sound back to 0:00 in matinee. Although, when I move the timeline to lets say 15 seconds in, it would still start the sound at 0:00.

I want to be able to scrub through the sound in matinee. For example, I want to play matinee from 25 seconds in, so I would expect the sound to start at 25 seconds in too etc.

Oh, sorry. I thought you were having the issue when you play the matinee in game. I dont know why it would act like that while editing. :\