Sound Mix override and push not working

I have a couple of audio tracks whose volume I want to dynamically increase and decrease, depending on the situation of the game. I have arranged it so that the starting volume in my project’s used Sound Mix of these sound classes is 0. However, overriding the sound mix class and pushing it doesn’t increase the volume at all.
However, if my starting volume is anything larger than 0 (0.1, for example), it works perfectly.

On the other hand, if I decrease the volume to 0 at any point, and try to increase it again, it’s not working. It’s as if the sound cue stops playing entirely once its volume reaches 0, and refuses to start playing once it’s increased.

Can I do anything to fix this?

EDIT: Solution was to change Virtualization Mode to “Play when Silent” in the SoundCue.

It’s very helpful for me.Thanks a lot.
But I Changed ‘Sound Wave’, is not ‘Sound Cue’.