Sound Issue


I write this Issue in the answerhub allready, but i get no response until know. Hope someone can help me out with this little issue.
I running into a little sound problem. In my scene i have 3 Ambient sounds setup.
When i start test the scene in the Editor it works, also it works when i start it in a new Window.
After packaging the game it runs until i switch into fullscreen. When i edit the ini file and setup the ressolution to 1920x1080 and start the game i get an “crack” noise out of the speakers and thats it.
No sound but everything else works. When i delete 2 of the Ambient sounds and do the packaging again it works too without any issues.
Hope you guys know what i talking about, my english writing is … terrible :smiley:

I was waiting for 4.1 now to try it again. Same Issue the sound not working in packaging game :frowning:

It´s an Onboard Soundcard (Via HD), the newest driver is there and still no problem in the Editor nor in other Games.