Sound isn't working anymore.

Hey all. Hopefully this is not a bug and something simple but one day I noticed that I didn’t have audio/sound fx in Unreal anymore. My files are .wav but even the interface doesn’t make the default sounds anymore.
This doesn’t just apply to one project but any of the old ones or new ones made.
I’ve double checked the editor preferences for enabled sound.
The settings for volume and Realtime are all checked.
I’ve also restarted the editor and computer several times to rule that out.

My computer audio is working fine, audio drivers are up to date, tried different ports. Windows 10 is up to date. What’s interesting is that the audio clips give me the option to play but it doesn’t have a stop button so I don’t believe its muted but not starting at all. Looking at the sound cue files I can’t see it firing anything.

Any ideas?

I had the exact same problem. The audio clips/sound cue’s just wouldn’t play or fire but they worked fine originally and at some point it just stopped working.
In the log of my game [Unreal Projects"Game Name"\Saved\Logs] I found a line that read, “LogInit: Failed to create XAudio2 interface”

You may need the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

After installing that, restart your computer and see if the sound works in the project.

I got my reference from here:

That worked!