Sound is different in preview vs game

Hello all,
I have a footstep effect (.wav file) which gets played each time my character makes a step. I have this set as part of the animation blueprint just using the Play Sound event.

It works except that in the actual game, the footstep sounds slightly distorted whereas in the animation blueprint editor it is crisp. Can anyone shed some light on what I might have done/have to do?

Try double clicking on the audio file in your content browser and checking the compression amount. Can’t grab a screenshot for you right now but it should be fairly close to the top of the list.

Yeah I checked that. It was set to 40. So I bumped it up to 100, but it made no difference.

this is only an idea but as the sound is heard from the camera, not from the actor, maybe this difference does the trouble (if your camera is in the range of the attenuation for example…)

Ok, it turns out the problem is only occurring when running the game in the editor. It doesn’t happen if I launch the game from the command line.