Sound incorrectly plays more than once?

To fix the issue of having to call the Stop function right away, all you have to do is turn off Auto Activate in the properties of the Audio Component. That is why it plays immediately on load.



Hello all,

I came across an issue while following the Endless Runner Tutorial series. For the character’s Death function, inside the CharacterBP, I’m attempting to play a sound when he runs into an obstacle. This Death function is called from within the obstacle’s BP as an OnComponentHit event and is set up correctly as in the video series.

However, when the sound plays via a “Play Sound at Location” node, sometimes it plays only once, other times you can hear its playing multiple instances of itself at the same time, which not only makes the sound much louder than it should be, but also very distorted. (See 1st Node setup below)

To remedy this, I tried making a cue of the sound, and adding it as a component to the character. Then I get a reference to the component and call the Play function. This works perfectly everytime without the multiple distorted sounds playing, however I also need to call the Stop function at BeginPlay to avoid it playing immediately. (See 2nd Node Setup below)

Is this a good way to do this? Is the distorted multiple sound thing a known issue with the “Play Sound at Location” node?

Thank you so much for any advice!


Hey, thanks so much, Joey! That worked perfect. :slight_smile: Any idea why the Play Sound at Location node would cause multiple instances of the sound? I ask because that’s the very node setup shown in the tutorial. Thank you again for your time.