Sound guideline does not makes sense for sale

I sent my animal sound pack one by one because the customers want to buy specific animal sounds but unreal marketplace guideline forces me to sell them all in one. For example someone just want to buy cat sounds but they can’t because of the market’s content policy (at least 100 sounds has to be in that package). No one likes to waste their money on sounds that no use to their project but according to this policy I should sell them all in one. So if you need cat sounds, you should buy the horse, cougar, lion, etc. sounds too… Is this sounds logical to you?

Also, I’d like to give away some of my sound packs for free but when I selected a category, the free price option disappears, is it normal?

The minimum price you’re going to sell your assets on the marketplace is 4.99$ so the staff is asking you to compose a pack which value is at leas that price. You just can’t sell below that price without a discount event.

You’re right, no one wants to throw away money on stuff they don’t need so try to compose themed packs. Remember, you buy once, then you can use those assets in any of your games so, maybe I don’t need the lion sound today but I can’t ever know for the future, some times it’s useful to have more stuff than needed.

Currently, the only things you can release for free are code plugins on the marketplace, so yeah it’s normal.

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I understand your point of view, actually, it sounds logical from a point, but it should be evaluated as follows, for example, the effort spent while recording the sound of rain or ocean is not the same as the effort spent while recording the sound of a lion and the equipment used. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to me that the minimum amount determined, which is $4.99, by a number like a minimum of 100 sounds.

As you said before, I prepared the packages in thematic ways, but I think that not every game maker looks at this from the angle you say because there are many small-budget projects out there and because of their low budget, I guess, they are not in the position to consider their next projects when they buy sound packs. If we could really separate them one by one and determine the price manually, I believe that the sales of the products in the whole market would increase.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for giving your opinion. I hope the unreal employees come across this thread and make a change if they find it logical.

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I’m totally ignorant about your work so I can’t have an opinion about which is the best way to sell those assets, I’m just reporting what I learned in the past years. The same is applied to characters for example. If you release a multi characters pack it’s not required to animate them. If the character is just one, the marketplace staff will ask you for animations.

The marketplace is still evolving so we’ll see in the future! Wish you the best!