Sound Generator

What is it ?

SoundGenerator is a simple interface for the modular synth component to be used by beginners (like me) to show its power. At the moment, the interface has pretty much all the properties that the component has, ready to play around with.

What I want it to be ?

Besides sharing the settings with the ue4 in and out , I’m also thinking if I could make a public online library where you can share your sound settings , import adjust and use. You need a water splash sound ? you search one in the library, quickly modify it to fit you needs and use it .

Feedback …

I’m not a sound expert nor an ui artist, so any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:
Also I’m interested if you think this tool could be useful

Download v0.2: - Google Drive

Update v0.2 Import - Export
*Added Import / Export JSON - used for share and later for community platform
*Added Import / Export Blueprint Node (experimental) - used for quick import/export in editor - copy and paste ModularSynthPreset Node
*Added Export WAV - exported file is located at SoundGenerator\Saved\BouncedWavFiles\output.wav

What is next ?
Better Interface; Community platform where you can upload / download community creations