Sound from Media Player Crackling when starting playback

I posted this on forums, but haven’t gotten any response yet.

The gist of the issue: I’ve set up Media Player to playback files from disc. When I start playback, and sometimes when I pause it, it crackles a little bit.

Here’s the video: Dropbox - sound crackling.mp4 - Simplify your life

I’m doing check if Media is ready:

It happens in editor, as well as in packaged build.

I tried different file compression formats (mp3, wav) with different bit rate and sample rate settings - didn’t seem to affect anything.
For some reason it crackles more on Track 2 (as shown in video) than on Track 3. I tried rendering Track 2 with lover volume level - didn’t change anything.

I’ve also tried precaching media sources with no results.

It looks just like crackling when audio buffer is too low. I know this type of crackling too well, working with audio and music.

I’m not sure where to check and adjust audio buffer for the project, if that is the issue.
In Project Settings → Platform → Windows → Audio → Callback Buffer Size is set to 1024, which, if it is buffer setting that I’m looking for, should be plenty for just playing back audio files from disc.

Am I missing something, or is audio playback using Media Player not in operational state in current version of Unreal Engine?