Sound files .wav are played everywhere

So I exported some audio files as 16 bit PCM from Audacity and then imported them in UE4. I noticed that they play everywhere on the map even though you assign a specific location for them via blueprints. For example: The sound file “Collapse01” plays everywhere but “Collapse_Cue” actually works. What do I need to do to make all .wav sound files applicable to be played at said location instead of everywhere on the map? Thanks.

You need to set an Attenuation Setting(you can create one in content browser) or enable Override Attenuation in the sound’s properties in sound wave, sound cue or the ambient sound you place in the level. Then you’ll be able to set and adjust Spatialization parameters as you like to make it a 3d sound.

Thanks for this, this fixed most of the sounds except ONE. What could be the problem? Using same scripts/blueprints but when I replace it with the said sound, that one just won’t work. Does it have to do something with its codec or some crap?

Does it play in the content browser?

Yes. I tried both activating it straight from an event “Play sound at location” and also tried making an actor “Ambient Sound” and then play it from there. None of it seems to work only with this sound.

Any idea man?

It only works with mono sounds, make sure yours is.

Thanks G4m4, as simple as that, that was the problem. Converted it to mono using Audacity and voila. Cheers bud