Sound Effects packs

This is the support page for both the UI & Magic SFX pack and the UI & Item Sound Effects pack 2.

If you have questions or issues, please let me know here or through my support email.


I am currently creating versions of both packs that work with UE5’s new Audio Mixer system as well as the legacy sound cues. I’ll post here when that has been done.


  • Legacy Sound Cue support in UE5
  • New sound system support
  • Sample accurate markers so that you can easily do things perfectly timed with the sounds. (This one I’m not sure about just yet, but we will see)

I’ll leave it there for now. I am hoping to get at least basic support working by the end of today, but you can never tell with technology.

Thanks for the patience and support!

UI & Magic SFX Update preview

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. But figured I’d give some updates on what I’ve been working on.

This is a post I made on LinkedIn a while back. I’m unable to get the video over here as it was a direct upload to LinkedIn, but in the link, you can see a sneak preview of what I’m working on which will be out in the next update.

SFX Pack 1 Update Preview

I’ve started making some prests that I plan to add in pretty soon.

This one takes a starting sound, two optional looping sounds, and then an optional stopping sound. There is an option for a slight delay to more seamless transition between the looping and stopping sound.

progression sound

And here’s a video of said sound in action.

Here is a short video showing off a metasound template I’m adding. There are a couple others as wel.

This can be used for progress bars or distance or really anything where the sound builds up over a number like time or space.

This updtate brings a couple new features, mainly focused around Metasounds!

-8 Metasound Presets for Oneshots, Start-loop-stops, and other sounds based on controllable parameters.

-2 small example maps that give an example of how these sounds could be used.
----These also include Blueprints with comments.