Sound effects keep repeating

First off, I’m using 4.7 still.

I am currently making a game, and when the player dies, I want the character to ragdoll and then play 1 of 7 sounds I have setup in a sound cue with a random component thing. The problem is, once he ragdolls, and his mesh hits the ground it continues to play the sounds in a random order, not just one. I’m not sure if that makes sense but basically it’s playing all my sounds instead of one due to the ragdoll colliding. I’m new to unreal and this is my first game but your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Jake

many ways to fix this one. id say the easiest way would be set a boolean variable to true when he dies, then before the sound gets played, use a branch to check that boolean, then after playing the sound set it to false. Or you can use the do once node, or use a gate.

The do once node fixed it. Thank you so much!