Sound Designer

Sound Designer

Do you hear that? Something is getting closer and it sounds mean! If you have a love for lending a voice to all things that shake, rattle, roll and go bump in the night, then you may be a perfect fit for us. We are looking for a sound designer to join our team with a passionate interest in creating sounds for our dinosaur survival game The Isle. The ideal candidate is an expert at designing sounds for creatures, environmental noises, special abilities, foley and more with a sensitive ear and a flair for realism. Someone that can not only create unique and signature sounds but also has the ability to successfully integrate them into the final product.


  • Creating unique, immersive and high-quality sound effects to immerse the player and drive the action in the game.
  • Use a healthy library of sound effects to develop the voices, interactions and general foley of our creatures, people, machinery and more.
  • Proficiency in collaborating with multiple department leads to deliver the most suitable, well-rounded and compelling audio.
  • Receiving and giving feedback on the nuances of sound design and the ability to implement discussed changes


  • A showcase of your work
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work remotely
  • Exceptional knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 and it’s audio tools
  • Can effortlessly take direction and critiques and apply it to the final product
  • Specializes in creating sounds for creatures, environments, foley, magical spells, and ambience.
  • Expert knowledge of interactive audio and post production techniques
  • Experience with multi-channel audio formats
  • Imaginative use of sound mixing, to create high quality, original content
  • Excellent at time management and being a self-starter
  • Expert knowledge and usage of commercial and proprietary audio implementation tools
  • Experience working with game development teams and coordinating with various game departments to such as animation,
  • programming, UI, environment etc
  • Live recording capabilities in the field a plus
  • Practical experience working on a shipped title or titles in development a plus

If interested please email your resume to