Sound designer looking for 1st project

Hi, I am an aspiring sound designer/integrator looking to get myself some experience. If you are working on a project, hopefully a realistic project with a realistic dead line, I would be glad to participate in all audio facets.

I am a professional sound engineer and have worked in the music industry for 5 years and did some sound design for live action scenes.

I leave you with my first demo reel which shows different type of styles.

Do not hesitate to contact me with your project!

Felix Remy

you say you’re looking for some experience, so are you looking for just experience or looking for experience on paid projects?

Well I’ll take any serious project that has realistic hopes of getting completed. Paid is of course better but if the project makes sens I’ll take royalties if you plan to make revenues from it. I mostly just want to work on something and sharpen my skills.