**sound designer / composer looking for work!**

Hello developers,

My name is Dillon and I have been composing tracks and creating sound design for indie games since 2015. I am dedicated, passionate, and hard-working. I truly take pride in my work and I’m not a person who settles for anything less than my expectations. If you decide to hire me, I will deliver high quality work that will give your game a custom atmosphere and environment. Please take a listen to my first OST here: Stream Dillon Vetere | Listen to Rayburst (Original Game Soundtrack) playlist online for free on SoundCloud. I can compose any genre of music and I can also create sound effects for your game as well.

You can also visit my portfolio and hear the rest of my work at http://www.dillonvetere.com

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my work and I hope to be working with you soon! Best of luck to you all with your games.

Dillon Vetere
Sound Designer & Composer

Greetings Dillon! Ill keep my statement simple and to the point - I, along with a few others of varying skills, are currently developing a indie game and we are in need of a sound designer/composer such as yourself. I can go into more detail, just email me at michaelboone137@yahoo.com with the subject being “Composer for Hire” and we can talk further.