Sound Design & Alien: Isolation - Part 3: Station Sound FX

Part 3 in the Valkyrie Sound series on the sound design of Alien: Isolation.

In this video we take three library sounds from and turn them into short sound effects of the kind you hear in Sevastopol Station: a thud, a phantom footstep, and an analogue machine (links below).

Alien: Isolation uses these types of sounds to put you on edge, and the analogue technology roots you in the 70s style of the original Alien film. Achieving that is partly about how the sounds are designed but also about how they’re deployed in the game.

We’ll be looking at how to deploy these and other sounds in Part 4.

**Library Sounds **
Phantom Footstep: Freesound - "Crack and Crunch" by Aurelon
Machine: and