Sound Cue - Sound Stops When Firing?

I created a sound cue to cover a fairly large range with an ambient .wav and I have got it set to loop. The sound itself works just fine, but if I shoot/fire the default stock weapon while I am in-game, it stops the sound and restarts. I do not want the sound to stop and restart, I want it to continue even if I shoot.

Sounds like a blueprint problem, can you show the code?

Not necessary, but thank you so much for helping me figure it out!

I considered your advice about it being a blueprint problem because I didn’t modify too many values or create anything particularly “funky” within the code - I was just trying to drop in an ambient sound file onto my map.

Rather than right-click on my sound file and create a new sound cue from it, I grabbed a fresh blueprint from the ‘Audio’ directory within the ‘StarterContent’ directory and I dropped my audio file INTO that blueprint. Boom. I no longer had the issue of it cutting out while firing!

I’m going to assume that creating a sound cue for a file doesn’t provide the exact same settings/classifications/blueprint code compared to creating a sound cue from an audio file in the Starter Content Directory.

The irony is that there are a handful of YouTube Content Creators who have used the same methods in the past without any fail. However, those videos ARE a couple of years older, so maybe things have changed from now to then.