Sound Cue radio stations

I am trying to create a radio within UE4. I have created a sound cue which blends between station with a parmenter which I set though a blueprint. Between each of these stations I would like white noise. How would make white noise the default sound when no station is selected. I plan to have many stations so I don’t want to manually place the white noise between each clip.

Current Setup

Desired Outcome


Hi! so this is the setup i would use for something like this.

But it all comes together in blueprints.
I’m assuming the player would have “knob” to control the radio.

The knob would control a float value, the radio frequency. From which I would derive 2 more values: a float for “station accuracy” and an integer for “selected station”.

Those last 2 are what talk with the Sound Cue. “Station accuracy” handles the crossfade: 0.0 = full white noise, 1.0 = full station. “Selected Station” handles the switch; which chooses which station to play.

To get the station I would just % (modulo) the frequency to 1.0, and then round it, so no matter the value it always returns a valid station ID.

Then for the accuracy, I would % the frequency by 1, subtract 0.5, and map that to a 0.0-1.0 range. Which would be your accuracy. (you could lower the inRangeB to get a bigger tolerance).

And that’s it really. You could display the Frequency back to the player for show.

How it helps you =)