Sound cue not working in iOS

Hi, I’m using UE 4.12 and making a game for iOS devices and I need to put a sound that plays as background music, I made the cue with loop inside and started to play good in editor, the problem is when I make a launch in an iPad or iPhone sometimes it works and sometimes not, even sometimes I’m able to reproduce some sounds in the game and other times none at all…

Is there a hint about what could be the problem?

Hey HeXentic Games,

So unless you are deep into development for this project, I suggest moving up to a more recent engine release version. I say this because between 4.10 and 4.13 we made quite a few major changes to our Audio Framework that will more than likely resolve your issue.

Can you reproduce this issue in a new blank project using the starter content sounds?

If you can provide to me a way to reproduce the issue on my end, then we can investigate further. To be honest though, I will more than likely test on our most recent engine release to see if it occurs there. If it does not, then entering a bug is not necessary as it has been resolved.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,

My bad the version that I’m using is 4.12

Also in the editor when I’m trying to reproduce the sounds, some of them change in a strange way, the icon of the sound (with the waves) becomes completely black and also the sound cannot be listened, even re importing it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I checked the audio files and it has all the requirements that UE4 needs (.wav 16bit PCM 44100Khz or 22050Khz) but some of them works sometimes and the others not sometimes (and when I mean sometimes is because after a couple of minutes the sounds that not work becomes audible and some of the good sounds become bad)

I’m going to try to reproduce the problem in these days and hopefully tomorrow I’ll send the answer