Sound Cue Inheritance?

Is there anyway to create a Sound Cue parent, and have other Sound Cues inherit from it?

For example, let’s say I create a Sound Cue for handling the functionality of an sniper. Within that sound cue, I have different tails, multiple layers, all the attenuation dialed in, etc. That first sniper feels good, but now I have 5 other snipers that have the exact same functionality, except require different Sound Wave assets. I don’t want to redo this entire Sound Cue. I rather just inherit from the parent sniper Sound Cue, and replace any Sound Waves that need to be changed.

Is this currently possible?


What functionality are you using that requires a SoundCue?

Because I think what you’re looking for is a Data Driven Design pattern, in which case I would recommend creating a Data Asset Class that defines your Parameter Data Structure and any necessary helper functions to implement the Data Asset in existing Gameplay Code or Blueprints.

Then you can create Data Assets based on that Class which organize like normal UAssets but are merely definitions of your type’s data structures. Then you just assign the variant Data Asset as a reference in your Gameplay BP or code.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the info! I may be misunderstanding, but that doesn’t seem to be what I’m after. I also would not know how to do it. I couldn’t find any videos on how to create a data asset that can access the properties within a sound cue. Is there a link or documentation that I could follow on this? Maybe there is a Dev Kit that shows this functionality?

What I’m looking for is similar to what you have in Frostbite or Wwise. You create a parent, and then the children inherit from it. In Wwise, it’s an actor mixer. Any child you then place under that actor mixer inherits its attenuation, conversion settings, volume changes, culling properties, etc. In UE, every time I make a sound wave or cue, I have to set these parameters over and over again.