Sound Cue enveloper node not working during game

I use the enveloper node to fade SoundNode Waves in and out. The enveloper works correctly in the Sound Cue editor, but in-game the sounds play at full volume the whole time. Has anyone else had this issue? How do you fix it?

To fade the sound, I think you have to use the attenuation node.(for the player distance from the sound).Or did I understood the question wrong?

Yeah, I use the attenuation node to fade the sound automatically based on distance. I use the enveloper node to fade the sound manually. For example, I have a sound effect for the Ice Storm magic spell in my game. It consists of an initial burst sound, followed by a blowing wind that fades out toward the end. To make that wind noise, I use my looping wind sound wave, but instead of looping it, I use the enveloper to make it fade out. It sounds correct in the sound cue editor, but in-game the wind sound effect just stays loud and then cuts out.