Sound Cue Enveloper looping - help please!

Can anyone help me figure out why this Sound Cue isn’t working the way I think it should…?

The desired behaviour is that I instantiate the cue in a blueprint, set a parameter (Loop Count) according to how long I want my note to sustain, then get rewarded with a nicely ASR’d (Attack,Sustain,Release) note that fades in and out according to the Enveloper curve.

My ‘attack’ is the 3-second volume rise, then my Loop Start and Loop End bracket a 1-second period of full volume, then the 5-second ‘Duration After Loop’ should continue to run the Enveloper volume curve as it fades to 0db. Setting the Loop count would dictate for how many seconds the Cue would be playing at full volume.


But it doesn’t! It runs the fadeup, then seems to run 5 times through my one second loop, then continues at full volume for the 5 second Duration After Loop time. Example audio on Soundcloud, linked below. Is there something I can do to make it run through to the end of the envelope? I misunderstanding the way it’s supposed to work? (likely) Or is this a bug (less likely, but possible). Thanks in advance!