Sound Cue doesnt stop when another sound is triggered

Hey, this setup is fine.

Can you just add print string nodes to make sure collision event gets fired?
I guess you missed some collision setup and trigger volume does not recognize your pawn and do not fire collision event :slight_smile:

Right so, can someone please explain to me why this doesnt work. And dont ask why itโ€™s called Cheese either :slight_smile:

Whenever I go over the TriggerVolume5 the audio doesnt stop it just carries on but is reduced in volume by just a little bit. I have literally been sitting here for about 3 hours just trying different things which logically should work but apparently they donโ€™t.

I have the blueprint loaded up on my other monitor so I can see if it gets fired and all of it does, I just dont get why the Stop method isnt working for me.