Sound bank generation fail

The error starts by not showing the Windows platform in the available platforms at “Generate sound data…”. It only shows Mac. The sound bank for Windows platform has been generated successfully in Wwise, the integration seems to be successful and the path to the correct Wwise project is in the plugin settings.
I did choose Mac to generate to see what happen and got the following error:

LogAkSoundData: Display: Wwise | v2021.1.3 | Build no.7665 | (C) 2006-2021. Audiokinetic Inc. All rights reserved.
*** Loading Project ***
*** Importing SoundBank definition ***
Error: File missing or invalid:C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Temp\CookUAkAudioEvent1EF5F1FC496E14EF34420099ADD1D6E1.txt
Error: Stopping the process on error ( specify -ContinueOnError in the command line to continue on error )
Process completed with error(s).
LogAkSoundData: Error: WwiseConsole failed with error 1.

The file shown definitely is not at the path shown.

Any help VERY appreciated.