Souls-Like RPG, looking for help

Hey guys,

I don’t have any pretty screen shots to show as I’ve just been working with random crappy assets I could find quickly. But I have been working a lot on the back end of things.

I have been inspired by Souls-Like games and have made solid progress. I have the following all made in blueprints:

  • Inventory and equip system
  • Dialogue and choice system
  • Quest system
  • Level design things like doors that need to be opened by switches and ladders.
  • Basic combat
  • Persistent levels, ie. changes are saved on next load, like door opened or items collected.

This is a pet project of mine but I can’t do everything and I feel it might be time to take my game to the next level. I have created complex systems that I have tried to boil down to user friendly tools so the designers don’t need to worry about complex things.

Just wondering if there are any people out there with other specialties who would like to contribute?

To develop a better quality prototype I would need help with Level Design and Art. I’m leaning towards pixel art for various reasons but that’s up for discussion. Possibly a 3D artist to work with the pixel artist.

Level Designer would design a handful of levels with a souls-like feel such as unlocking shortcuts, finding items, finding boss rooms, etc. The game is currently a top down perspective but open for discussion.

The pixel artist would do the character art and environment art. May need to work with a 3D artist for some of the environment assets. The characters would need to be animated, walking and combat. Maybe 1 hero and 1 monster for now. Perhaps an NPC too depending on the work load of it.

Also, a bit about myself. I work with Unreal professionally and have worked on AAA game titles in Unreal. This is a side project for me but now my prototype is at a certain point I am happy to let others contribute if they are also interested and as passionate as I am.

I would like to focus on the blueprint and creation so the level designer can discuss with me what things need to be created for a better experience.

I realize there are more people needed than this. I just broke it down to the two roles needed to being this game to the next level, which is a pretty prototype. From there we can take it to the level beyond that. Just 1 step at a time. If anyone else reading this thinks they can contribute in other ways please let me know.

I am happy to provide a link to those interested to download a demo of the current state of my prototype.

Anyone who is interested should understand the Souls-Like sub-genre and preferable enjoy them too.


i can help skype djenco haan i am a an envirment artist and i can do a littel bit of 3d modeling