Soul City: Problems


  1. Static meshes have wrong pivot points. Pivot point are ~50metres from models
  2. “Slum” levels won’t open. They crash the editor.
  3. Level names… What is Slum?
  4. Static meshes have wrong collision

Hey Dudester01, thanks for flagging this up.

  1. Those mesh groups you’re seeing in the demo levels were either merged actors in UE or combined meshes in a DCC and exported with those pivots so they could be easily laid out again in the project. However, the actual assets should have correct pivot points if you open them individually or look at them in the LV_Overview map. If you’d like to use those grouped meshes anyway, you may middle mouse click the pivot and drag it around to where you’d like it then right click the Mesh and click Pivot>Set Pivot Offset to save that new pivot point.
  2. This was a rendering bug in 4.19.0 that was known to crash levels in this project, but was confirmed resolved in 4.19.1 and 4.19.2. You may just need to update your UE version.
  3. It’s just a word to describe a poor part of town, which works well with the dystopian nature of the project. (To quote Wikipedia “A slum is a highly populated urban residential area consisting mostly of closely packed, decrepit housing units in a situation of deteriorated or incomplete infrastructure, inhabited primarily by impoverished persons.”)
  4. Same deal as the pivot points; the individual assets have correct collision, it’s just those merged/combined meshes that don’t have collision set up. In the demo levels those merged/combined meshes are either used as vista/background meshes or they just have blocking volumes around them to limit player movement.

I hope that answers your questions clearly.