Sorting components by number of images

For me, it is always a bit confusing how the sorting of components changes with each new alignment. And worse: the biggest components are all over the place!
It would be nice if components could be sorted by number of images, so that the biggest ones are on top. Would make it much simpler and save much scrolling when I add control points :slight_smile:

it does seem to happen per each alignment run (at least with my current datasets),

in my opinion, itโ€™s more reasonable to spot and delete too small components after each alignment run - rather than running several alignments without any intervention, say inspection and adjustments in between, and then even having your components reordered per whole project according to the number of aligned cameras and then making out which run was which created, and reviewing which ones to keep or continue working with,

writing down you request though, letโ€™s see if anyone else is interested in such feature