Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login.

I’m getting this error message when I try to login to my main account, and a similar message in the launcher. My main account is henrik(dot)solem06(@)Gmail(dot)com

Sent you a private message.

I have a similar problem with my normal account, have had to sign up again to post.
My normal email is 487538(@)students(.)gateshead(.)ac(.)uk and it gives error code : AS-18031

I have just tried signing into the launcher with this account and I get the same error code.

There was an update to the launcher today and it seems to behave even weird after the update. Sometimes I can’t reach the tabs for Marketplace and Community.

Tried again after the update and I still get the same error code.

Quick question - is this in related to an Unreal Engine 4 account or a FORTNITE one?

The launcher and the forum not the fortnite thing.

Plus everything I’ve downloaded with my other account I now can’t access.

I’m also having this issue and would greatly appreciate any help to resolve the issue. My account has been made inactive twice now ! This is my third account. This seems to happen right after I purchase anything from the Marketplace.

My original account is saildemon@[gmail][dot][com]. I’ve contacted support twice now but they don’t seem to want to offer any real assistance. They simply said the first time I was cheating in Fortnite of which I neither play nor have downloaded. The second time they replied saying my account was flagged for being associated with other fraudulent accounts. Shared machines perhaps? As at the office we do share a variety of computers, I suppose there is always room for error there.

Long story short I need to regain access to my account so that I may finalise my purchases and continue to work on my UE4 project.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This seems to happen when the services are being overloaded; your account isn’t inactive, just that’s the error being shown when it fails to respond.

Hi Ambershee:

I think in my case something has gone awry. I am fairly certain that they are intentionally disabling my accounts. They seem to think somehow that my account was associated with a fraud at some stage which is not possible as I have NO fraudulent transactions whatsoever on my account. I suppose as I share machines with other collaborators that one of these may have been compromised unbeknownst to me and so I am now flagged for it but surely this can be resolved and the situation rectified back to good standing if that is indeed the case. Support is shutting me down and not offering to assist in any way, a most unfortunate situation.

Do you have any advice as to how I may resolve this?

I have been contacting support but help there is meager at best.

The thread is for Both

Eh, not quite.
This is a UE4 specific feedback section of a UE4 related forum.
Fortnite related issues should be discussed on the Fortnite forums.

hallo I’m getting this error message when I try to login to my main account, and a similar message in the launcher. My main account is pelp me please

For all issues related to Epic Accounts, please view the account support center - - for knowledge articles and a contact form.

I’m closing this thread to prevent future confusion.