Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login! Need help please!!

Can someone help me with my account?! I can’t login to my fortnite on ps4 and i can niether log in to epicgames on your website! I really want to play fortnite but i can’t beacuse my account is inactive and i have tried Every thing but nothing works! HELP ME PLEASE!

My email is xxx Mail me beacuse i raerly Will ever se answers to this but please help me!!!

You probably won’t find much help here as this anwserhub is primery for UE4 development help. Try emailing fortnite support

I also removed your email from question for your own safety, you should not post private email on public places as it is easy pray for spam bots or something more nasty

I’ve got this for no reason at all and I’ve tried contacting and their saying I’m not the owner when I’ve given them everything