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Dear Epic Games (AKA Fortnite Community),

I’ve received this message after school when I was trying to login to my account. My fortnite name is StefanTheGoalie. I can’t even go on other accounts and play because it will kick me off. I sent a long paragraph to epics support email and didn’t get a response yet. I did some research and found out others are having the same issue and their not neglecting the rules in anyway or form. I am not able to log on to the website with that account or get access to the launcher, now my sister can’t even play. I think the system banned our ip address but we weren’t hacking. I have around tier 70 and level 52 or 53. I would want someone to resolve this so I can get back onto fortnite to continue my journey to max omega. I averaged around 0-2 kills a game and only one 7 games out of 600+ matches. Yesterday night my fortnite was working perfectly fine until later today.
I hope there is someone that can help me to get back and playing the game we love.

Best regards,

  • StefanTheGoalie

Wrong forums, please use the Fortnite Forums:

These forums are for Unreal Engine, the game engine Fortnite is built on. I am locking your topic.