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Hello, dear Epic Games team

Yesterday, I was have some trouble. I don’t can to login into EpicGame launcher.

Early I was launch EpicGame launcher only when I was use it. But after one of the last updates EpicGame launcher started to automatically start with windows.
Yesterday, I was try to launch SDK, but it have no automatically authorisation. Last month I was use Unreal Engine not very often.

I try to login and I have next error message: “Sorry, you are visiting our service too frequent, please try again later.”. Launcher display this error code: “AS-1041” and active link. But this link have not search results. I was try to authorisation at and I was have same error message.
I was try to login an hour after that. And I was have same error message. After this I was switch off automatically launching EpicGame launcher start with windows.
I was try to login today and I was have same error message.

Now, I was change my password and an hour after that I was can login GOOD.
But an half hour after this I was can’t login in Epic Games Launcher. This trouble again. I’m confused.
After some time, error was disappear and I was can enter.

Trouble was reseolved. I hope what it resolved

But help me understand: What it was? What do I need to avoid this in the future?

I was don’t found this trouble at the Unreal Engine and Epic Game sites. I was adopted decision to write this. Maybe whoever will be have this trouble

Sorry for my bad english.


Could you please fill out the Bug Submission Form with this information, I have seen this reported by other users recently so it would be good for Epic to look into it. They will reply back to you by email with more details on how to prevent it from happening.