Sorry to ask the question again, can my old pc develop 2D platformer games with UE4?

think I asked this before however I am wondering something.

Say I was creating a 2D Platformer or a RTS game, will my PC be suitable?

Its Pentium G 3220

4GB RAM and radeon HD 4870

For the record almost anything I download from the marketplace and run when I hit play button in UE4 it runs just fantastic I get smooth frames even on EPIC. I am just pointing this out I don’t actually have a problem running UE4 games they all run fine even though my system is pretty old. The GPU used to be a high end gpu back in the days so maybe thats why?

But yeah considering this, say I was catering also for a android port with smartphone in mind, would you then say my system is more than adequate?

Please note I am a student and just solo developing and learning. People are saying get i7 and all this drama but honestly I don’t think these people understand anything because some of them recommended that the DX 11 integrated GPU in a i7 is better than my 4870 and I know this to be just wrong. My HD 4870 just destroys any intel IGP. So when people tell me I need a i7 or even i5 I tend to take it with a grain of salt honestly.

maybe people are just not understanding how small the scope of my project is? when I download all those completed projects on the marketplace it runs butter smooth on epic except unreal caves demo that runs smooth on medium.

As a student I am really short on cash and as such I would prefer no to waste money on something I would not use.

My target is to basically develop a game you would find with graphics quality of Unity PRO engine. I am not even looking for the full power of UE4 at all, infact since I want to focus on android games I would think my system is more than capable? I mean come on guys my Nexus 4 is nowhere near my desktop no matter the fact that my desktop is old. I am pretty sure its more powerful tham my cellphone right?

Again I am not really trying to get games to look like UE4 games.

Just want a level of quality similar to Unity PRO. By next year Christmas I would have enough cash for a new PC but not right now I got to make do with what I have. Right now is mostly experimental and learning.


People have given a ton of opinions on your system by now, and you say you can run marketplace content easily so i dont know what else you are expecting us to suggest.

^ you have a point. I think I am good, if my system runs it to my satisfaction then it should not matter what others suggest think right?

I just don’t get why people say its going to be a huge problem especially the GPU when the reality its the exact opposite.

Why would they say these things? maybe some are misinformed like how they post benchmarks of single threaded apps and say look how a celeron beats a 8 core AMD therefore celeron is better for UE4 than a 8 core FX AMD.


It’s because not everybody knows how everything runs the UE4 (e.g I dont know how good the radeon HD 4870 is, but I know what type of Nivida card you will need to run the UE4 with a good fps rate) -> it’s important how everything fits together. But as Jacky already mentioned, when you can run those games, you shoud also be abel to develop with the UE4.

Otherwise go through this list and search for a similar setup : :slight_smile:

Different people have different expectation and requirements. UE4 is a very flexible engine with lots of configurability so it can run on anything from a low-end tablet to a high-end pc.

I do a lot of C++ development, so I want very fast compile times. I’m also on a deadline, so time spent waiting for my computer costs me. So I’ve spent the money to get the computer I need to do my work.

If you’re on a budget and just want it for learning, a low-end machine like yours is perfectly acceptable. You’re going to spend most of your time starting out reading docs and watch videos, then in the engine, so it’s not critical how fast things happen.

^ Aah yes thats just the perfect response I have been longing for. :slight_smile:

To me time isn’t important at all I have all the time in the world so its a non issue to me. I will be mostly doing android games to run on tablets and cellphones. I think you are right my system is just fine plus I have yet to do anything serious I am constantly reading docs and watching youtube videos on how to use UE4.

Infact I am spending more time learning Blender. I just hope to create a 2D game/side scroller if its a 3D, or maybe an RTS. Both the RTS and robot side scroller I downloaded from marketplace run butter smooth for me om my PC.

And in all honesty my pentium G haswell runs C++ compilers quite fast for me aswell.

my aim is to develop graphics around Unity Engine PRO like what you would expect with DX9c so once its flexible for my PC then I am really good with that. Graphics isn’t my goal its learning and making some fun with good gameplay.

For what it’s worth, I would say that an RTS with lots of units is not good for Unreal Engine in general. Unreal does not give you deterministic simulation, which pretty much all RTS-es end up needing to support the unit counts that players expect. You can bolt on a separate deterministic simulation engine on the side, but then you’ll have to do a lot of work to integrate it with the editor, blueprints, savegame, etc.

^ thanks for the advice. I saw they had a RTS tower defense thingy on the market a complete game demo of 1 map so I figured this would be suitable? its not a real RTS its tower defense for a phone or tablet.

Can you run UE4?

If so your off to the races.

As advice, and not to suggest that you listen to me at all, all things development wise must be accomplished through discovery and not based on opinion be it right or wrong.

Your question is relevant as this is where everyone starts out as in if I turn the key will the car start?

The answer, ignoring any idea of best practice, is yes as long as you can get UE4 to run and everything else is figuring out what you need when you need it and everything else is about trade off’s.

If you wait until someone tells you it’s OK then it’s to late. :wink:

^ hey thanks you are absolutely correct. I only recently realized that if you pick the tablet mobile option and create a template for say a side scroller it plays flawless in UE4 editor and looks and plays same way when I exported it to my nexus 4.

This shows I have more than enough requirements for the scope of project I want to do. UE4 is incredibly scalable and flexible if you ask me, quite remarkable. UE4 can run like Unity free engine from 1998 if you want it to, all depends on project and settings you choose.

Now I don’t have to use UDK, UE4 runs same speed and uses almost same resources when you chose mobile option. And funny thing is it still looks like a AAA Engine somehow LOL

Then UE can work fine. Also, for single-player-only, even a real RTS could work in UE. The point at which it falls down is networked multi-player RTS games, because it doesn’t use deterministic simulation.

Hi, if you haven’t already tried it out for yourself yet, I actually have a machine with similar spec’s (the same GPU, CPU and 4GB Ram)…I have found that it mostly runs fine even for 3D stuff, however it often tops the CPU out when compiling materials and the editor starts to massively slow down after long periods of running (possibly a memory leak in the editor somewhere??) Running any other program simultaneously is painful (especially memory hogs like Chrome browser)…These things get really frustrating but in any case, I am able to produce 3D games…

I now don’t bother with material editing, at least for now…I am focusing on gameplay mechanics and will cross that bridge when the time comes. Also, I should mention that I haven’t tweaked any of the editor settings so it’s possible it can be optimized.