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Hey, guys so basically i just barely learned Ue4 like past 2 days… and i came up with this… I know it looks really bad, but i really need help on it… Since i need portfolio for my university application… please look at the picture and the example picture
… so you guys can explain to me how i can make it better.
Here are the links to the picture
The one i made
and this one how i want my to be :"(
Please any help would be appreciated since i have make designs for my portfolio and i recently started liking Architecture more than anything.

I responded to your other thread, I’m not sure why you started another one… Anyways what I would add is foliage and a bit better materials. Indoor/ outdoor archviz is kinda difficult and takes a lot of practice, but you can make it work with experience. Here is one I did recently:

It took a while and in my opinion the results are so-so, and It took me about six tries with different scenes to get there. For a beginner like yourself, I would stick to the interior and really get to learn the dynamics of working with unreal, then perhaps later move on outside…


Thank you so much man and sorry i didnt see the other one

A good thing to keep in mind that 90% of photo-realism is lighting and materials. Once you get foliage and scenery in place, work on making the lighting and appearance as realistic as possible. EDIT: I know that’s a really vague thing to say, but I thought it was worth stressing.