Sorry for being a noob! Not sure how to install DLed content!

I need help installing files I download on here? I can’t find the Blueprints folder to install them in. Like…I downloaded a Stargate pack, but no idea how to install it. It says it goes “YourUE4Project\Content\Blueprints” But I have no idea how to find any of those folders. I’ve done a search…nothing. So unless I need to create a folder somewhere, I don’t know. I found this site Tutorial: How to install UE4 content packs | Unreal Engine 4 blog But again…I can’t find that folder. I’ve downloaded some stuff off the UE4 Marketplace and it installs them just fine…but no idea where.

I think I figured it out!

ok mind posting how you did it please?

If your project is shown in the Epic Games Launcher > Library section, mouse over or right-click on the project and it should show the directory where the project(s) are. Like say in your “My Documents” folder.

Every project has a Content directory which is the main place where all assets sit (Blueprints, Meshes, Materials, Maps, etc.)

So in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder just drag the relevant (new) folder/ downloaded asset into the Content directory and it should work.

Of course, in some cases eg. FBX in the Editor you are supposed to click “Import” and import it properly.

Note that if you haven’t created a project create a new project first from the Launcher (click “Launch”, New Project etc). Then that will set up the basic folder structure etc.