Sooo, VXGI 2.0 is coming very soon

Come on folks, no one has VR setup to test it out? :o

Unfortunetelly I don’t or I would test it right away, but since I am only working in film making having VR gear is out of my budget atm (with all the taxes in my country the more affordable would go US$ 1.5k)

Looks like it works to me. VXAO on/off - Imgsli

My character is shiny as hell as if he was emitting light. There’s also some kind of spotlight surrounding him. What is going on?

EDIT: fixed after restarting the engine.


I can’t download the VXGI UE4.19 on github, it gives a 404 error.
Anyway to ue this VXGI 2.0?

You need to create a GitHub account and log in before clicking the link.

Man this is quite performance hungry though. Maybe I’m not tweaking the settings enough. But golly, does it look amazing. Especially with the VXGI AO turned on. My gawd.

EDIT: NEVERMIND. I’m so clueless haha. I had turned both HBAO and VXGI AO. That’s why my framerate was so low. It’s actually quite performance friendly now considering the visuals you get.

I didn’t found any clear difference on performance from 1.0 vs 2.0 on 9xx series

It seems that the performance is waaaaaay better than in V1.0. Even if V 2.0 is not really production ready “i guess” it can be definitely used for some demo scenes. Having VXGI 2.0 as a tool to preview your work in progress “scene” without building the lighting after a view changes could be also very helpful.

For this whole Real Time Ray Tracing, yeah it is a super cool thing, no question about that. But i wish epic would invest they’re man power in technology we can actually use right now, for example Dynamic GI. We are not even close to use Real Time Ray Tracing in PC Games not even talking about consoles. It’s like epic is loosing kinda his core, which is to be a game engine in the first place. Just imagine all this amazing developers that worked on Real Time Ray Tracing had worked together on a Dynamic GI solution, which could be used right now not in 10 years.

The only requirement is that you have access to the Unreal Engie GitHub repository. This is accomplished by linking you Unreal account with GitHub, there are dozens of links on the Internet explaining this and in the forum at the specific section about Engine Source & GitHub.

Once they enable your access there (at least a day if business days) you will receive an e-mail reply and the 404 error will not appear anymore.

Yep the performance is fine for me after a bit of tweaking, and disabling VXGI specular. Not really good for big open worlds but it works very well in smaller areas such as interiors. I’m officially integrating it inside my game. It looks so much better.

I made a quick scene to compare screenshots with VXGI on and off



I really like how it enhances dark interiors. Here’s how it improved my game (which uses dynamic lighting). Sorry about the overall darkness, it’s a horror game and the flashlight is turned off.

The light of the lamp gets projected on the walls, and the sinks are being lit from the direction of the windows.

@SilentAndAsleep Are those pictures switched? The 1st one looks better… or this is my eyes tired already after a full day :-/

No they’re not switched. The first picture’s shadows are too dark. I just started playing with it so of course I’m not using it to it’s full potential. :smiley: I hope there will be some in depth tutorials soon. I’m taking another screenshot of the forest area, the difference will be more obvious.



The last ones are way better, the one ON is showing more vivid colors and the shadows seems ok on the house’s most far wall. Is AO turned ON too? The rocks at right are presenting quite nice shadows underneath.

EDIT: I misunderstood you. heh yep the new screenshots are way better. It really depends on the angle of the light source. Yes, AO is turned on, I’m using the one that comes with VXGI. I actually prefer it to DFAO. It’s a shame VXGI specular is so performance hungry, it looks great on the character’s skin. But VXGI’s performance itself, coupled with it’s AO, looks and performs well enough for games that take place in small-medium sized areas. Of course, you can’t crank the settings to the max, but even with reasonably low settings it looks very good.

When I try opening our existing project with it I get the “Modules are built with different engine version, rebuild from source manually” error. Despite the project already being 4.19. Anyone have a clue?

Try making a copy of the project, then rebuild the solution from within the directory(right click the project file)?

I am getting 404’d even after creating GitHub account and being logged in :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind. I am an idiot who doesn’t read carefully :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Nope. So I have linked my Unreal account with my GitHub account, I have received the mail and I can access EpicGames repositories. The VXGI build, however, seems to be hosted on NvPhysX account, which I have no access to. How/where do I get access to NvPhysX repositories?

EDIT3: Nope, I am really just an idiot, it works now :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. I want to ask a question. Is it possible to mix static lighting and VXGI only on specific lights. Lets say I have sci-fi interior and most of the lights are static. And on top of that I want to use movable point and spot lights with VXGI.

Are they going to release a VXGI2 4.19.2 as well? because with the material parameters bug present in 4.19.1 we’re not able to use this version of engine really since it breaks most of our materials.