Sooo, VXGI 2.0 is coming very soon

Where can I download it, provide link for everyone else

You need to first sign in to your GitHub account to see the page.

Because mostly it is a game engine at its core. The rendering pipeline is one the core elements which is hard to add features with low probability of broken things. That would required year men hours of development. Anyway some progress are being made with RTX which goes towards movie making and Im quite sure will succeed for visualization aswel. Don’t be fooled that these features are here because they will cook as experimental for quite long before they reach the production statuses where you can grab this or that functionality and apply to gaming. When it is a common ground for graphics cards to process at 60+FPS with a power of 30TFLOPS with a price suitable for gamers, any improvement on GI would only benefit film and visualization with extremely expensive hardware.

Has anyone tried VXGI 2.0 already? How is performance? Any way to get it running in VR at lowest quality settings ? (if there is anything like that)

Building atm. There are two samples included (SciFi Hallway is one of them).

I’d like to tell you if the building process inside VS didn’t get stuck at 80%.

EDIT: Nvm, it’s just taking a LOT of time to build.

Its Here Guys… 2.0 on 4.19.1

Alright it’s installed. I’ll tell you about the performance (and general toughts) tomorrow.

Im also building atm. Will be testing it later.

Why is everyone walking away as they finish building? :smiley:

Does it include any VXAO related improvements as well? Any clues on that?

VXAO now actually works properly with VXGI enabled. Looks pretty good in the sci-fi hallway test scene.

You sure about that?
It states in here that VXAO should be turned off for VXGI to be enabled.

HI All!

Cool Stuff, Is this Nvidia’s VXGI 2.0, just for developers at the moment? I’ve seen is downloadable on GtHub but I don’t think is integrated with UE4 yet?

Any Suggestions?


Any pictures… ? :slight_smile:

The link provided before is a NVidia’s branch of the full UE 4.19 with VXGI integrated. It requires you to download and rebuild the engine with the instructions at that GitHub address. Takes a long time to build… gotta have some good amount of disk space and high core count to compile it quickly.

Getting around 130-150 fps with a GTX 1080. Toggling on/off both (vxgi diffuse and specular) makes a difference of 1-2ms. Pretty decent!

Looking good. Do you happen to have Rift or Vive to see if it works in VR ?

Looks promising. Unfortunately specular surfaces usually tend to be great at covering up deficiencies of GI methods. Would it be possible to get the same image except the entire scene being just a diffuse material with 0.7 gray color? :slight_smile:

I got 112-122 fps with the cheapest GTX 1080 model available at stock speeds (base 1633 boost 1772MHz +5% to voltage and +5% to power delivery).

Anyone wanting to try it out, the whole process of downloading and build the engine with it would take at least 2 hours. To try different stuff you need to change the materials since they were speacially prepared for the demo.

I’m getting some weird **** shadows. I’ve disabled allows static lighting in the options, am I supposed to leave that ticked and just set the lights to dynamic?

EDIT: Nvm, it’s working fine now, and it looks FANTASTIC. The performance seems very game friendly now, but we’ll see once I finish my scene.