Soon in Unreal Engine Marketplace - Arch Camera System

I’ll release my first camera system for unreal engine to the marketplace soon

Arch Camera System V1 for Unreal Engine 4


  • Auto Possess Pawn/Character/Actor
  • Select Start Pawn 1 or 2
  • One-Click Switch between 2 Pawns/Characters/Actors
  • Auto-Adjust Character settings to fit system logic
  • Blueprints are well organized, named, and categorized
  • Save Image up to 8K
  • Manual and Auto Exposure Mode
  • 4 Focus Modes: On Click, Auto, Manual, None
  • Camera Roll
  • Aperture, ISO, Color Temp, EV
  • Chromatic Aberration, Lens Flare, Bloom, Vignette, Contrast, LUTs
  • Debug Focus Plane
  • Pitch Lock (Vertical shift tilt)
  • Near Clip Plane

Youtube Link: