Sony vs. Xbox- Has Sony Shifted & the game market today

Hello Unreal Engine Community! This isn’t the “straight up” discussion on which console is better, Personally as a Sony fan I think Sony, any who!!! My real point is to talk about the video game industry and how it’s drastically changed (mainly Sony) to keep up with the times.

With the ps2 being Sony’s greatest Selling console with a massive library why the sudden huge shift in Ps3 and onward? If you wasn’t around then Sony wasn’t huge on first person shooters or really shooters period, It had a very diverse library were RPG’s dominated the front (I Believe) with title like kingdom hearts, final fantasy 10 and a very huge list. While Xbox wild kids with a ton of FPS(first person shooters) on their store front.

Shift to the Day of the Sony PlayStation 3. So many great things heard about a machine of the future!!! But one huge problem, Who in the world could afford a $600 dollar Console, or would even try to ask their parents lol, with taxes and one game 700 and something dollars then games went from 40 to 60 wtff ahhh!!! =0…

Somewhere in the marketing scheme I believe they thought the games that were making wasn’t attracting customers… but actually outrageous pricing even if we didn’t have a mild recession still outrageous, so they went the Xbox route and every game turned to be the Sony fans hate.

Just Guess… First Person Shooters EVERRYWHERE!!! =’(. Although I played some life changing mesmerizing titles they all seemed to be First Person Shooters or A shooter period. Like Sony Captain jumped ship and the Microsoft fan took control =’(((… ARGHHHHH!!!

Although I’m always with Sony I think why such a change? Did they feel the fan base left and not noticed no one could afford a 700 dollar system, or as I think just followed what Xbox was doing? Or did the captain jump ship and A Microsoft fan disguised as a Sony guy took over??

Woe Is me, where are all the RPGS??? I think I checked out the Japan ps store and they had way more RPGS


Correct me but I believe the Sony PS4 is still outselling Xbox-1 → 2-to-1…
Would like the new PS with VR headset too, as a way into exploring VR.
Overall your comments remind me more of why I never bought a PS3. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost got an Xbox1, it was 30% off last xmas but bought a 360 instead…
Why? No real backwards compatibility for games if a studio went bust etc.
In that case your fav games are gone forever, good luck! Not a fan of that!

Ahh Wise man. Although resistance 2 and some titles were epic?