Sons of Anarchy Final Season, can I get a Hell Yes? (Film Art inside)

I love this show more than any other show ever released, including Cowboy Bebop (which I thought was impossible at the time.)

Sure the characters are fun, and the gangster bad-*** fiction is fun to watch…

But there’s more to this show than that. I take film art very seriously, and this show passes on every level. I was taught in Film class that “There’s a difference between a film and a movie. In a film, every camera angle matters, every word spoken has a purpose.”

That’s how I feel about this show. There’s foreshadowing for Season 3 & 6 in Season 1. Every camera angle is Kubrick-worthy with symbolism. Every song is perfect for the moment, sometimes creating painfully ironic contrast, highlighting the situation they all face. Every character is “technically” a bad guy, but both show good and bad traits, making you love and hate them at various times, almost giving forgiveness in your heart for a fictional character.

Everytime I re-watch through the series’ older episodes, I notice more and more things that bring the whole puzzle together from a different prespective. I’m totally psyched about this final season. Cowboy Bebop was beautiful because of how it ended and became a single piece of art. I’m glad this show won’t run forever, a real artist knows when to step back. I think Sutter is a bit of a genius and can’t wait to see how all of this wraps up.

Also, I think it’s time for a beer.

Howdy SouthernREx,

I agree with you 100%! Sons is such a good show. I was introduced to it about halfway through season 3 and I could not get enough. After watching that first episode, I went back and watched the first 2 season in about 4 days. This is one of the few shows that you are able to really connect to the characters. When _____ died (trying to keep it spoiler free) for Jax, I was at a loss for words. Kurt Sutter is a genius for the way he writes every episode. I am already anticipating next weeks episode. It is going to be one crazy season for sure.

Yup, excellent show and I really enjoyed the first episode. This is going to be an extremely bloody season.

Hell yes! Its gona be a good ride.