SONIC UNREAL but, I need some help!

Hello, world!
Remember when you were a dumb, stupid kid who didn’t even know what he was doing?
And when you got some major pushback from people who *did *know what they were doing?
Revisit those days… With 12-year-old Hahasamian posts!
Okay, now that I’m done making fun of myself…
I’d like to say again, I’m sorry for any trouble I caused when I was younger.
With that said, here’s the post:

So, you have probably never heard of me before, but I am Hahasamian, and I do some Unreal 4 projects!
My favorite one so far is the one I came to discuss today!
I need some help. Why help?
I have 12 little reasons. Here:
1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7…


9… 10… 11…


EDIT: (I forgot to count Cheese… so that’s 13 reasons! LOL)
Thanks if you like!
But I need some help scripting movement for such a project. I’m not such a great programmer when it comes to Unreal. Even with blueprint. It’s true.
I need speed to build properly in the game-play. Like in the good old titles, and even in newer ones.
Anyone got a good script for 3D Sonic? I need some help here! I could customize it for how game-play will work in my mind, but I need a good base first!
So please? I’m sure this will be AWESOME when it’s done! :slight_smile:
(I also don’t have animations right now, but I do have Blender, so I think I can do that…)

Yes, it works exactly that way.
I just glued some wings on my back, now i can fly…
Do you made those meshes?

It doesnt work that way. There is no magic script that would get you a Sonic game. If done, it would probably consist of a lot of C++ and/or Blueprint code.

But when it comes to making a Sonic game, you should check the copyright issues first. Otherwise you will just help to bring another lawyer kid through college…

[I]Excuse me, sir?*
Do you think I’m in this for big ka-ching or something?
Things that are free for download shouldn’t be illegal. I don’t need to make money off my games.
Anyway, you sure? All I need is (good) speed-building. Is that like impossible or something???
I can program most of the rest. I might need help with the loops, which I actually found a thread for, with someone with just as much trouble as I would have with that.
But really guys, <<this<< means Scratchers can do this in 2D. Is it that hard in 3D?
We can do something never done before. I’m pretty sure. If we unite, we can make a great game. If we don’t, then…
(chance not united) < (chance united).
Now, who wants to help? Is there no one?

Those meshes are from where I could find them on The Models Resource. It was actually more of a quest than I thought it would be. A number of models wouldn’t work. Knuckles and Shadow are from Super Smash Bros., and Sonic himself is from Sonic Unleashed (no, I didn’t import Sonic the Werehog…), whereas the others are all from Sonic Generations.
And are we just going to mock each other now??? Hmm???

Andf that is a big misconception. Just because something is free to download doesnt mean its free to use anywhere.
Some “free” stuff is limited to personal use, which also excludes distribution, even for free.

In this stream, although about the broader side of the business, the topic of copyright and use of assets is touched on as well.

Just see it from this point:
If you make content with Sonic, you are responsible on how this installment of Sonic represents the franchise to the public which might not be matching with how SEGA wants a Sonic expirience to be.
In this case it doesnt matter how free your game is. As SEGA I would simply say “NO” to preserve control over the IP.

So you downloaded a bunch of copyrighted character assets and want folks to make you a game with them?

Are we not allowed to download stuff from The Models Resource? Or is that illegal?
EDIT: Also, I intend to try and make it… I need to probably figure out some stuff.

So, let me get this straight:
You’re saying that people are making Sonic engines and even Sonic fan-games, all for download, for free, and I can’t make one because… legal lingo?

Anyway, thanks everyone, you’ve given me a great first impression of how you guys treat people around here. Maybe I should just stay on Scratch where I actually have some people looking up to my skills at editing and creating programming. Maybe I should never show my face in the modern-3D world again. Maybe I should just mumble something about picking on those who don’t know as much as you do.
mumbles something about picking on those who don’t know as much as you do

Im saying that all these people who do that stand already with one foot in the courtroom.

No problem. Its just hard to see your skills when all you do is showing some models you downloaded from somewhere…

To be frank, it’s all about risk. You cannot use assets made by a copyright holder without their permission. You cannot use someone’s Intellectual Property without their permission. That doesn’t stop you from physically doing it, but it does open a higher risk to getting a slap on the wrist or worse.

Consider that the majority of people making Sonic fan games or similar are not going to see a big audience, which means that most of them will fly under Sega’s radar. However they are all taking the very real risk that Sega’s attorneys could pursue them, and you will too if you decide to use their IP. How you got the models and how you plan on using them is irrelevant, distributing any “Sonic” using any “Sonic” characters is putting a very real risk on you that could have very real consequences.

They’re doing you a favor. Don’t turn your nose up on it just because you didn’t like what you heard. When you want to create something using your own skill, you’ll find that this community has a LOT to offer.

Nobody’s picking on you. If anything they’re doing you a favour. If you make a Sonic game and release it with any sort of publicity you are going to end up in a world of trouble. This isn’t some low-profile IP that nobody’s ever heard of.

Releasing a game for free doesn’t change much, to be honest. Whether or not you charge for it, you run the risk of tarnishing the reputation of the copyright holder if your game turns out to not be very good (not saying it would be, but you don’t really have the right to take that control out of the copyright holder’s hands). As KVogler said, you’re essentially taking it upon yourself to represent the Sonic franchise oh behalf of Sega, without their permission to do so. Imagine someone plays this game without realising that Sega didn’t make it. Imagine they hate it. They’re going to blame Sega for that, aren’t they?

This community is great, and very helpful even to complete newcomers who know nothing about programming. But it’s a give and take sort of deal, ask the right questions, be polite, and people will be happy to help. But we’ve seen a few of these threads now, by people who come in basically asking for help creating something that is legally dangerous, and then acting surprised when nobody wants to help. I can’t really speak for everyone, but i’m sure nobody here intends any hostility in responding to you.

so the guy dowloads models and presents them as they were his own and then asks for a basegame he can modify. gotta love it.
in any other forum, OP would be verbally lynched. again unreal community shows an incredible amount of class in the replies.
better people then me.

to the OP:

there was a streets of rage remake that sega had no problem shutting down. nintendo did the same with other fan projects that used their IP.
corporations need to defend their IP´s in order to retain them. simple as that.

And only in rare cases that involve personal relationships exceptions are made:

This thread was a ride, let me tell ya. Ok, so here’s the deal.

  1. I am going to answer your question right off the bat. This person already did what you are going to try and do:

And Here:

Because I believe in answering the question first and foremost.

  1. Now, about your idea. If you actually got far enough to make a prototype game, Sega would shut you down so hard and so fast that your head will dissconnect from your shoulders and travel back in time.

These are the same people who will take down a channel MENTIONING Sonic, just so they can get a search ranking boost to sell their shìt products.

  1. You won’t need to worry about that however as, “But I need some help scripting movement for such a project. I’m not such a great programmer when it comes to Unreal. Even with blueprint. It’s true.”

What you are wanting to do is hard, you should read those forum threads, they are quite the ride. It’s actually very, very, hard and requires good knowledge of vector maths, physics, and the Unreal Engine. No one is going to hop on board yet another doomed Sonic clone. Especially when the only product of your hard work is downloading someone else’s assets and throwing them into a poorly lit scene in T-pose.

I am not trying to be mean here, I want you to know that to get people on-board for hard work, they need to know that their work is going to amount to something. If you were an excellent modeler, artist, and had some cool cut-scenes/animations going on you might have some people. In this state, with this sort of presentation, you are just one more in the hoard of /ideaguy/s that want their game programmed for them.

We are here to help, but you have to be willing to put in every once of the hard work to get what you want.

thanks for the link. i was interested how that panned out.
was a bit irked how mgs lifted so many core elementes from the movies and got away with it.

even in this case however, the characters are not identical but “inspired”, leaving some maneuvering room.
when the IP´s are directly copied, i believe the owner needs to pursue the matter or loose the ownership.

this is how i understood it anyway.

edit: oh i remember that shining force smackdown. sega went gangsta on those poor youtubers.
nintendo did too.

Some of the “exotic” threads are turning out great here.

Triple +1

If you ask me, it’s a psychological chaos theory experiment, running since 1942. Directly controlled and influenced from creatures, living in Atlantis Zone 17R E: 589529.49 N: 2941439.7 !

Okay, everyone, I get the idea. May as well stay on Scratch if I want to make a Sonic fan-game. But, you know what, if I did actually pick this up again and start working, I would give credit where it’s due.
(And no, I won’t say my games are by Sega, I will state directly it ISN’T. And couldn’t you tell if the game is by Sega?)
(And please, no cussing… yeesh.)

Also, I’m learning to animate on Blender. I’m figuring out stuff more now.
Can we please stop criticizing people who are just trying to learn?

Okay everyone.
If no one wants to actually help with a game, and can only simply attack me with legal assaults of which you notably never sent at others, then I’ll be by myself.
I understand your guys’ feeling this is dumb. All it seems is a bunch of T-poses taken from TMR. But really, it is in some ways a start.
Think about it. It’s a growing collection of models from Sonic that work in UE4. Not the hardest part of making a game. But I don’t know if anyone has even done this yet. Animations would be my next step. Then physics. Soon you have a GAME, not just a collection of models mixed with a really bad attempt at speed-building.
Note I won’t be one of those who develop stuff just to keep it to themselves. This will not be like Hedgehog “DEVELOPMENT” Kit, which is really just a demo of the framework used in the upcoming fangame (AHEM), Sonic Evolution.
I guess I’ll need to prove myself better. Expect to see more releases by me, like an engine for a Star Fox game.