Sonic the hedgehog styled movement. Need help from some advanced users.

I noticed that some others were interested in making some wall running like in the Sonic games. I’ve started on a custom movement for a pawn that works like the sonic games and I have a good deal of the movement working so far. What I’m having trouble with is the sensors themselves. Since I’m using a pawn which is driven by custom values, I’m noticing some issues. As the pawn is moved by X speed and X position, it starts to sink into the ground. I’ve come up with a solution to this issue but I don’t know how to implement it. This is where I ask you expert users for help. I’m trying to make a loop which acts like a substep, moving the pawn 1 pixel per loop so it’ll have high accuracy collision. I talked with a programmer friend of mine and he said that the loop will be costly because it will always be run. Would anyone know how to fix collision issues so that the pawn can move at high speed and not sink/phase through walls?

Here are some screens and the actual blueprints so you can have a look and maybe implement it in some of your own projects (I know some others were trying to figure out the wall walking )

I suspect you should wait for this to be done…

Looks like it will be useful for a lot of these problems.

I don’t really want to use the built in movement.

So I’ve made big progress with my custom movement. I have some issues regarding setting some variables at certain instances but overall its working out pretty well.

Looks good, are re-making a Sonic game?

Making an open source sonic styled movement engine for people to mess with. I’m learning UE4 with this then moving on to other games with the knowledge I got in UE4.