Sonic Central

i am trying to make a game called Sonic Central, which will be all sonic games remade in one, along with some custom stages, moves and more
Current maps that i used to test out the geometry creation

Sea Gate:
Power Plant:
Casino Park:
(pictures are too big to show as they will take up the full page)

Demo 1:

add more test levels before actually getting to the main part

Update: all progress is now recorded at Trello

so i have got many things added to the game and also the Sonic Model (finally)

some good news, i made massive progress today, added death system for falling, respawn system and the respawn system resets the map if your at 0 lives

Project isnt dead: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it Huge progress has been made. a save system has been added, you have level types like hub worlds and free roam, grind rails are added, bonus levels are added, there is tons i would like to talk about but all the progress is listed here: Trello

oh and did i say major changes to the levels that had bad shading?

i am still trying to work on the running on walls system but everything else is in place

Screenshot of new hub: