Sonic Blender importing Root Bone problem

So I’m trying to import my character model that I made into Unreal Engine 4. As far as I can tell I need to import to FBX from Blender but the weird thing is I get an error saying something about multiply root bones. I’ve tried checking over my names generated by Rigify and yet I don’t see any duplicates. I’ve tried removing the WGS-root or hiding it to see if it’s the thing that’s creating the problem but no luck. I’ve only just finally get my 3d model rigged, ready to animate. Any ideas on how to fix the root problem?


Also if anyone’s interested this is what my model looks like in the Render: (Posed it myself, not actual in T-Pose)


Doesn’t matter any-more, I figured out what was causing it to fail. For some reason I had duplicate controls hidden within the Pose Mode that had no control over my mesh…I deleted those, now it seems fine.