Song of the Tides - Soulslike-Roguelike with Parkour

Song of the Tides is a roguelike-soulslike with parkour elements in a psychedelic fantasy setting made in UE for PC, playable with up to 3 players in coop.

“Embark on a journey with no return to explore, fight and loot your way through the Shifting Isles. With the winds as your guide, you might just discover your destiny”

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Song of the Tides is being developed by me with some help from a couple friends and colleagues on a very slim budget.
This thread is going to be a place to discuss the more technical elements of development and gather suggestions and feedback.

I encourage you to ask questions if you are curious about any of the features you see in the game.
Since I basically hold all the strings I can answer everything regarding Song of the Tides.

My goal is to keep development as transparent as possible and any content that is suitable will be put up on the marketplace as well.

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I just put out another episode of our devlog, this time i’m talking a bit about technical debt.
Also there was a lot material I cut regarding animationblending and working with marketplace asset packs.
It really is a huge problem that the UE mannequin does not have weapon joints, since this kind of messes up all animation packs on the marketplace and gives a bad example for newcomers.

Time for another episode of the Devlog, this time I’m diving a bit deeper into how the aerial combat works and what adjustments I had to make to the camera system for it to not only function but also look nice.

Time for a new Devlog, this time we are asking the question: Invulnerability Frames, Yay or Nay?