"somewhat urgent" please provide the UE 4.7.3 slot for engine list I need to roll back

Can you please provide a game engine slot to re-install 4.7.3 ?
UE 4.7.4 is causing me trouble

  • context menu right mouse click freezes the engine
  • cooking froze the engine several times
  • packaging game failed
  • build lighting freezes the system

version 4.6.1 all OK as well as 4.7.3
please make 4.7.3 available


Hey Domi-

I’ve submitted a feature request to be able to rollback to a previous hotfix version (UE-13327) for consideration. For now you can try downloading the source build of the engine from GitHub which will allow you to go back to working on the 4.7.3 release of the engine. If you have a GitHub account linked with your Unreal account then you can get access to the Epic Games repository on which has the source code for each individual engine hotfix available. All you have to do after downloading and unzipping the files is run Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat to create the solution file for the editor and then compile in VS. These steps can also be found in the ReadME that is included in the downloadable zip file.


Doug Wilson

Thanks Doug
but I only can access 4.7 which is the latest 4.7.4 it doesn’t say anything like 4.7.0 - 4.7.3. When I build it was the latest version with the same issues (4.7.4). To my surprise, I had the old 4.7.1 code and it build also to the same interface (including the green buttons which used to be gray or orange) and the same problems. I wonder why that is, that it builds to the new release.

I give it another try.


I compiled the 4.7.3 code with instructions, only, without “I know it all better experiments”, but failed to build the editor (so, there is no editor). ( ? )