Somethings I noticed about the Epic Store app

So I was looking for a place to give some feedback on the terrible implementation of the friends part of the PC Epic Games app. But I couldn’t find anywhere to do it in the App itself. I tried scrolling down the store page to get to the bottom but couldn’t. See more and more games kept loading and taking the place of whatever is at the bottom of the store in that section that keeps being pushed away. So how do I know what is down there? What options are there that I can’t get to? Is there a place to give feedback? I don’t know cause I never got there.

I love the implementation of the store, but this little bottom sections needs to be permanently at the bottom of the page so that we can see what it is and what things are there to help or read.

So back to the first thing I was trying to do, comment on the friends system.

This isn’t very helpful or even informative. When I go to the friends “pane” it doesn’t get any better. So I want to go see who these people are who is requesting to be my friend…

What is this? Who is requesting that first one? All I know about that first one is that they are offline. And when I click on them to see if I can glean anymore information all I get is Accept, Decline and Block. What good is this system? Come to think of it, what is it for? Yes to have friends, but for what?

So I might know one of the friend names but how do I know that the name isn’t taken by a stranger? There is no location information, no pictures no possible way to tell who these people are.

There are a lot of cool things that Epic got right when they first made the store, but the friends implementation is terrible. I would say it needs to be more like Steam’s friends section but then I don’t want Epic to just copy Steam, they didn’t do that for the store so I would say they don’t need to do that for the friend part of things. But they sure do need to do something…