Something wrong with the launcher?

I can’t access the launcher, and the main site isn’t loading for me. I checked twitter and there’s nothing about it being down. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Main site shows error 500 - “We’re updating our site!” and yeah - everything does not work for me either.
Paragon stuff I guess. We should have trailer and Launcher/Website update I guess. Also Chance mentioned about coming Marketplace updates - maybe some backend updates

Interesting, I didn’t see an error on the main site it was just an infinite load. At any rate, I find it somewhat disappointing that I can’t complete my work while this is happening. Thanks for the heads up though. =)

Indeed, this error is not the best thing to see in the morning =D
But at least I can open my project through My Documents so not biggie :slight_smile:

I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll give that a go. Thanks! =)

It’s Shadow Complex stuff:

I was about to say. This didn’t happen until they launched Shadow Complex for free. Sucks they chose the UE launcher instead of steam. Now I’m stuck waiting for this thing to actually launch.

I was told to come here and complain. Rabble rabble, Shadow Complex!

Seriously, though, this sounds really cool. I never played Shadow Complex; now I have no excuse! :smiley:

I get an “Connection to the server failed” or “Could not establish a web session” error when I try to log into the launcher. Now I don’t know if it’s related to the updates/Shadowcomplex mentioned above or if it’s Bitdefender once again blocking the launcher?

I’m getting an error http 503 on the launcher now.

It switches between two types of errors (I’ve gotten 503 errors multiple times already). Nothing has changed. It has nothing to do with client side.

As a matter of fact, the launcher worked for a bit, showing Shadow Complex. I was forced to log off. Now that I launched the launcher again, Shadow Complex is no longer there.

Sounds like it has EVERYTHING to do with Shadow Complex…because who the hell wouldn’t go crazy over something thats free for a limited time.

EDIT: Relaunched the launcher. Shadow Complex is there. Started download successfully. Everything is loading smoother. Hopefully the servers have been sufficiently upgraded.

Everything alright y’all? Sorry for the troubles!

Still can’t login into Launcher

Hmm. What are you seeing?

Works good now :slight_smile:

can’t login over here. says can’t establish connection with web

Working fine again on my side :slight_smile: