Something weird with array

Hello there !

Im in trouble understanding the behavior of array’s functions and stuff,
First of all, here is my code in pj,
There is two thing i dont understand on the behavior of my code,

First im creating an array with “make array” and i put the content on an array called “List Scene Component”,
If i use the function “Length” on the “Make array” i get 4 wich is normal,
Instead if i use the same function on my array “List Scene Component” i get a lenght of 3 that make no sense for me,

Second, when i use the function “Remove” i expect it remove the component linked to the specific cell of the array,
Like if i remove the cell 3 im expecting it remove the component “L”,
But actually with this code it remove something randomly, like if it remove the cell 3 it will remove any of the component of the list randomly instead of the right component attached to this Cell wich is L.

I think im gonna jump into C++ codding, but i want to know what im doing wrong here because im not sleeping anymore because of that for 3 months !!

Thanks to all of you :wink: